Best things to do in Victoria in winter

Rugging up, hitting the road and uncovering some hidden gems are some of the best things to do in Victoria in winter. While many feel like it is a time to hibernate and stay at home you can uncover some wonderful places in our beautiful state if you decide to get out and about in Victoria in winter.

Once you hit the open roads in Victoria you will find places that are blessed with roaring fires that will perfectly warm you as you discover a new place that is magnificent food.

Or you can wander a trail with no one else on it that leads you to a waterfall you have only ever seen with a throng of other people. You may just pick a town you like the name of and see what it has in store for you but whatever you do choose you will fall in love with Victoria in winter.

Things to do in Victoria in winter

Whether you want to stay indoors and experience something unique, trip around some of our foodie towns or get out and about in our great wide open spaces there is something for everyone in Victoria in winter. This post will give you some ideas on the best winter activities to do in Victoria.

Visit a seaside town

Some of you are shaking your head and saying, are you crazy, but visiting a seaside town in the winter is one of the best times to visit. In the wintertime, you may find some of the smaller seaside towns have very few tourists in them and you will get to spend some time in some of the usual bustling areas possible all by yourself.

boats are floating in the water with a clear blue sky in the back. In the front, you have an old boast upside down on a grassy piece of land that leads into the water. Seaside towns are great place to visit in Voctoria in winter
The seaside town of Newlands Arm in Gippsland

You may be lucky and have one of the perfect winter days in Victoria, but if the weather is bad, you can still find a hidden gem within the town and settle in for the day.

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Go skiing

While some love the mild weather in Victoria in winter, there are some who can’t get enough of the ice-cold snow areas, and spending a day on the slopes is their idea of a perfect winter on Victoria Day.

Go skiing to the snowy wonderland of Mt. Buller in Victoria
Winter in Victoria means skiing the slopes

Our snow season runs from June to September, and most people head straight to Mount Buller for their skiing in Victoria holiday. While it is not like a snowy season in Europe, there are still plenty of opportunities to have a ski day in Victoria. You can also find top skiing places like Mount Baw Baw, Mount Hotham and Dinner Plain.

Go snowboarding

Snowboarding is fast becoming another skiing favourite in Victoria, and many people will find opportunities in Dinner Plain.

While some people have their favourite skiing destination in Victoria, you will find if there is snow, there will be opportunities for snowboarding as well.

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Dog sledding in Victoria?

You absolutely can and it is definitely something you will remember. While you will have time to meet the team of dogs you’ll also meet the most Aussie dog sledding member of the team, a kelpie!

dog sledding in the snowy landscapes of Victoria, Australia
Try something new on a winter family getaway in Victoria

Tours run from 30 minutes all the way up to 3 hours and are a great adventure in Victoria in winter for those who are not as confident on the Victorian ski slopes.

Find a log fire and settle in

Is it cold, wet and rainy out? Then find a little shop, café or restaurant with amazing seating, some food or excellent beverages and let the day go by with your friends.

If you decide to go on a road trip in Victoria in winter, you will find plenty of small towns with the perfect place to sit by the fire. You will also find that plenty of the local wineries and craft beer houses will also have a nice log fire to sit by.

In the CDB it may be a little harder to find that great fire to sit by but you can be guaranteed to find a wonderful heater to keep you warm!

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Visiting Waterfalls

Winter is a great time to visit waterfalls in Victoria. The added extra rain in winter means the waterfalls will have plenty of water flowing over them.

Victoria, Australia is home to many impressive waterfalls. Some of the most popular waterfalls in Victoria are located in the Great Otway National Park and the Yarra Valley.

the Great Ocean Road, where nature's wonders abound
Winter months in Victoria are great for seeing waterfalls

Another popular waterfall in Victoria is Triplet Falls, located near Marysville in the Yarra Valley. Triplet Falls comprises three-tiered waterfalls that cascade down a cliff face into a pool below.

A popular Gippsland waterfall is the easily accessible Agnes Falls. It is located just out of Toora and has a BBQ area as well as viewing platforms for the best views.

Not far from Agnes Falls in the Tarra Valley is the Tarra Falls which can easily be viewed if you’re coming through Tarra Bulga National Park.

Visit a hot spring

There are some amazing and luxurious hot springs in Victoria that you can visit around Victoria in winter. Many of these hot springs are in some of the most popular areas of Victoria and are gateways to extending your stay to discover more. Most have onsite accommodation for you to enjoy.

the relaxing thermal pools at Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria during winter
Winter day trips from Melbourne can be spent in the hot springs.

If you are unable to stay at the hot spring itself you can easily enjoy a soak with a day pass and then spend the rest of your time in the area looking for some more amazing things to do in Victoria in winter activities.

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Rug up for a footy match

Now while it may not be at the top of many people’s list of the best things to do in Victoria in winter, taking in a country football match is one of the best things to do out of Melbourne.

Getting tickets to a large AFL match may not be one of the cheapest activities in Victoria in winter but if you get out to the country leagues you not only get a glimpse of old-school footy you can also support a local area that is more than likely needs your support more than the big league teams.

If AFL is not your game then you may be able to catch a game of rugby or soccer.

Museums, museums, museums

Victoria is known worldwide for hosting world-class exhibits in our amazing and state-of-the-art museums. You can visit a museum to gain more knowledge about the world or you can see some of the finest artworks in the southern hemisphere.

The Winter months in Victoria are great for visiting museums.
The Winter months in Victoria are great for visiting museums.

You will find the bigger museums with larger displays in Melbourne but it is once you get out of the city limits you will find some smaller, local museums that are more connected with the Victorian people or the area you are in.

Sunsets with epic colours

Winter in Victoria is a stunning time, and if you are lucky enough to get a gorgeous sunny day, you will be in awe of the colours that will spread out across the sky as the sun goes down. It may be a better place to witness a beautiful sunset in Victoria at the beach or over a river.

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Visit an art gallery

You can take in an art gallery either in the city or venture out into the regional areas to find some amazing local talent. Many regional art galleries have spectacular works from local artists and are even able to get larger exhibitions as their spaces are upgraded and modernised.

vibrant world of art at the Gippsland Art Gallery
Art Galleries are in most regional centres of Victoria.

If you do venture out to the local areas make sure you visit some of the little quirky galleries too. Some aren’t on the tourist path and you’ll need to drop into the local tourism office to discover some of the lesser known.

You may even be able to find one by dropping into a local cafe for a drink as many display local artworks on their walls and the owners or workers will happily tell you where a good local one is.

Winter night markets

There’s no better way to stay warm than with a night market and the food it offers up. Many large markets in the city like Queen Vic Market are holding winter night markets to get people out and about in the winter months in Victoria. This is a great way to get together with friends and have some fresh food and a night out.

visit the Winter Night Market, Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market by night
Winter night markets are a great attraction

Smaller regional areas are trying to have the same markets just on a smaller scale but absolutely worth visiting. Local produce will be easily available and delicious as you discover your next holiday destination in Victoria in winter. The Queen Vic is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne.

Ice skating in Melbourne

Yes, we have that too, although it may not be like the movies! O’Brien Arena provides the ice and the skates and all you have to do is provide the balance if you can! For those wanting to participate in the sport, the O’Brien Arena runs skating classes twice a week.

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Winter Festivals in Victoria

While winter in Victoria is mild compared to some other places in the world we can still reach some low temperatures and rain can hinder some of the places you can visit especially if it includes a lot of outdoor activities but don’t let this stop you. There are some amazing winter festivals in Victoria in winter and all you need is some warm clothes!

Winter festivals in Victoria can be another great way to have a look at what the larger regional cities in Victoria offer. Some will have festivals like the Winter Festival in Ballarat, The East Gippsland Winter Festival, the Darker Days Festival in Bright and the Winter Wild in Apollo Bay.

Glamping under the cloudy sky

Hearing the pitter-patter of rain on the roof is one thing you will hear a lot of people say easily puts them to sleep at night. All over the state, you will find some stunning places to experience glamping and here you will possibly hear the pitter-patter of rain on the canvas!

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Winter wonder lights

Ballarat is a brilliant regional hub in Victoria, and its famous Winter wonder lights are one of the best places to celebrate winter in Victoria. There are daily activities, but mainly Sovereign Hill is the place to be. During the day you will find the usual activities at Sovereign Hill but at night it comes alive with a light show.

The main street is lit up with lights that light up the main buildings and most of the shops are still open selling warm mulled wine and hot food.

As you can see there are so many wonderful things to do in Victoria in winter that includes so much more than just skiing. It is time to rug up, jump in the car get out and enjoy winter in Victoria. Don’t forget to send a souvenir postcard home.

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