All the very best things to do in Walhalla

Walhalla is one of Gippsland’s top attractions. Located in a tree-lined valley in the mountains of central Gippsland behind the Latrobe Valley you will find this a gorgeous delight. A trip to Walhalla is one of the best things to do in Gippsland. There is one road in and one road out of this hidden little gem of a township.

While some people only visit this stunning gold-mining town on a day trip you can easily spend a full weekend relaxing taking in all the Walhalla attractions and learning a lot of history! There are so many great things to do in Walhalla Victoria.

The town of Walhalla, Victoria Australia

What you will find in Walhalla is a town where time has passed by. Walhalla was at its peak in 1863 when a 3-kilometre-long vein of gold called Cohens Reef was discovered. After that, a large gold mining community was established and businesses like the Grand Junction Hotel popped up. In the preceding years, Gold mining steadily declined until it ended in 1914.

Walhalla and the surrounding area were one of the most prosperous gold rush areas in Australia with gold mines all around this remote town. In its prime, Walhalla Victoria peaked with a population of over 3,000 people. Walhalla supported 10 hotels, 7 churches, several dance halls, a school with more than 500 students and over 30 shops.

What a sight Walhalla Victoria’s would have been in its prime. Walhalla was the richest town in Australia in its heyday but now you will find this sleepy little village one of the best places in Victoria to visit.

With less than 20 full-time residents now you will find most people enjoying this old Victorian gold town are visitors who come to see its attractions

How to get to the historic gold mining town of Walhalla

Walhalla is in a steep-sided valley located east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway. Follow the signs from Moe. Allow 2.5 hours from Melbourne to reach Walhalla and don’t forget that cold drink at the Walhalla hotel!

Can you stay in Walhalla?

Walhalla’s accommodation options are available in town in a number of different establishments from camping in the North Gardens camping area to guest houses and the Star Hotel. Search and book your stay in Walhalla today.

Exterior of the historic Star Hotel in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
The Walhalla Star Hotel

Best things to do in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia

Walhalla’s setting in the Gippsland mountains encompasses the rugged Australian bush and relics, old and restored of colonial times when the young nation of Australia was still finding its feet.

The historic gold mining town of Walhalla has a number of attractions for us all to visit. The best way to see plenty of things is to take a leisurely stroll down the main street. Here are all the top things to see in Walhalla.

The Long Tunnel Gold Mine

For anyone interested in how Walhalla transitioned from sleepy Stringers Creek to a bustling gold mining town of nearly 3000 people the 45-minute long tunnel extended gold mine tour is one of the best ways.

In its time, nearly 14 tonnes of gold was removed from the long tunnel extended mine. One of the largest single reefs was found in the early gold mine, setting off Victoria’s largest gold rush era in Gippsland.

Your local tour guide will take you through the mine and through the tough and sometimes dangerous lives the miners had to live if they wanted to strike it rich.

You will need to wear a supplied hard hat and the long tunnel extended mine tour is accessible for wheelchairs and some prams. Just double-check with your friendly tour guide when you get your tickets.

Walhalla Ghost Tours

A guided walk around the town at night with old-fashioned oil lamps is a great way to experience Walhalla in a completely different light. After all, Walhalla was a ghost town in the early 1980’s

Miner’s lives were tough and just as tough on the families that came with them. Hear of the tragic stories that undoubtedly rocked the whole town when they occurred. The ghost tour in Walhalla has been known to catch some strange things on camera. This ghost tour could be the real thing!

Walhalla Goldfields Railway

A unique railway that winds its way through Stringers Creek Gorge from the Thomson River to Walhalla Central Station and is definitely a Walhalla attraction not to be missed. This volunteer-run Goldfields railway organisation is one of the best things to do in Walhalla, Victoria, and one that supports local tourism in the area.

a steam train crossing a bridge on the way to Walhalla
The Goldfields Railway

Although the Walhalla railway line started construction in 1904, it was not completed until 1911, right when the gold mining era was coming to an end in Walhalla.

As you ride the stream locomotive across the Thomson River and through the dense Australian bush you can only imagine how difficult it was to construct over 100 years ago.

The line from Erica to Walhalla was still used until about 1954, and by 1960, most of the buildings, tracks and trestle bridges had been removed. What also is fascinating is that the railway track was all but devoured by the bush until 1993 when the Walhalla Goldfields Taskforce had the unimaginable task of locating and reconstructing the railway line from Erica to Walhalla.

Now you can reap the benefits of all of that hard work and dedication by the Taskforce as you ride the Wallhalal Goldfields Railway through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Book your tickets for the Walhalla Goldfields railway well in advance so you don’t miss the best train ride of your life!

Walhalla Cemetery

A visit to the Walhalla cemetery has to be one of the most unique things to do in Walhalla, and while many may think it is macabre, it gives all visitors a stark insight into the hard times in this gorgeous valley.

Gravestones on a hill at Walhalla cemetarty
The Walhalla cemetery

The 1100 graves on a steep hillside tell the story of life on the goldfields and the faded tombstones all have a story to tell. The cemetery is only a few minutes out of town and a short walk from the car park. In rainy weather, sturdy shoes will help you navigate the walking track. Take your time to read the plaques that signal certain tombstones to take note of.

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Have lunch at the Pub – The Wally Pub

There are few places to eat and drink in Walhalla but one that you should try to stop at is The Wally Pub. Here you can grab a great lunch or dinner as you sit on the verandah of the Walhalla Lodge Hotel and enjoy the sounds of the valley with your meal.

The front of the Walhha Pub
The Wally Pub

Due to the remote location and limited seating please be patient the menu may change daily due to the location of Walhalla but it is worth a stop for some top Pub Grub. The pub attracts large numbers on weekends, so get in early. Also, be careful of the local kookaburras, who are more than happy to sample your lunch, too!

Or BBQ at the Lions Park

If you can’t get a table at the pub or you are prepared, you can have a picnic at Lions Park in the centre of town. There are free BBQs there undercover with a small children’s playground too.

It runs right next to the Creek, so you may need to keep an eye on children who are travelling with you. The public toilets are there too and in peak times it is always a good idea to take some toilet paper with you.

There are no supermarkets in Walhalla or shops to buy BBQ supplies, so you will need to bring your own, and please take it home with you! There are limited supplies at the general store, but it is always best to bring what you need in case. You can always grab something to eat from the Walhalla Witchery Cafe.

Walk the main street – free things to do in Walhalla

You can find a park on the main street (weekdays are usually a less busy time to visit Walhalla) and easily walk the main street. You can pop into the old shops or read the small plaques that dot the street that tell you stories about the town, but for the best tour in town, just follow the road!

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See the old Walhalla fire station

This fantastic old fire station seems to hover above the steam underneath it. Inside, you will see some displays of old firefighting equipment and firefighters from the past who were members of the Walhalla Fire Brigade.

Walhalla firestation
The Walhalla Fires Station with the Star Hotel in the background

The fire station was an integral part of life in Walhalla and was established in 1888 after a fire destroyed the town centre.

Find a 4WD track – if you have a 4-wheel drive

There are plenty of 4-wheel drive tracks around Walhalla that lead into Mount Baw Baw National Park that are rated from easy to difficult, but there are plenty of things you must do before you decide to go 4-wheel driving near Walhalla.

  • alert people to where you are going
  • Know the weather forecast
  • have food and water
  • Have a suitable vehicle
  • have a map, not just Google maps
 a car driving on the road to walhalla victoria
Touring the mountain roads near Walhalla

The terrain in the mountains behind Walhalla is harsh, to put it mildly, they are not for inexperienced drivers and if you get stuck it can be an issue to retrieve you and your vehicle.

Be prepared, know the terrain, ask the locals and if you don’t think it looks safe don’t attempt it. Mobile phone coverage in these areas is non-existent, so don’t stray off the path.

Walhalla Tramline Walkway

A lovely short walk from the centre of town is the Walhalla Tramline Walkway. It follows the route of the former Walhalla Goldfields Tramway, which was used to transport gold and other minerals from the mines in the area to the nearest railhead.

This walk takes you to a magnificent view of the town from slightly above. You get a great bird’s eye view of the whole main street and the Star Hotel. There are lots of trails around Walhalla, you can go hiking with your dog your partner or your friend.

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Visit Walhalla in autumn

Walhalla is a gorgeous town in any season but in autumn it is ablaze with autumn colours. many you will find gathered in and around Main Street. It is easy to walk and a great extra viewpoint would be from above on the Walhalla Tramline Walkway.


Go bushwalking

If you fancy a bush walk on your trip to Walhalla then there are some amazing hiking trails that leave from the town. Some you will find you will need hours, and some are even multi-day hikes that take you right up into Mt Baw Baw National Park.

Easy walks

Cricket Ground Track – moderate – 2 km, approximately 1 hour

Walhalla Tramline Walkway – moderate – 2.5 km approximately 1 hour

Walhalla Tramway South Loop – moderate – 2.5 km approximately 1 hour

Moderate – hard walks

Walhalla to Thomson Station Loop via Mormon Town Track – moderate – 11 km approximately 4 hours

Walhalla to Thomson Station via Poverty Point Bridge – moderate – 13 km, approximately 4.5 hours

Walhalla to Poverty Point Bridge – moderate – 17 km, approximately 6 hours

Hard – multi-day hikes

Mount Baw Baw via Walhalla – hard – 82 km overnight at Mt Talbot Hut

With any hike you wish to do around the area, you must make sure you have a basic first aid kit with you, let people know where you are going, have enough snacks and water for the time you are going and make sure you listen for any issues in the area that may affect your walk.

The 650-kilometre-long Australian Alps walking track starts in Walhalla and ends in Tharwa. Unlike the Walhalla heritage walk this is not something you can do in a day.

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Pan for gold at Stringers Creek

You don’t know until you try and you may just get lucky when panning for gold in Walhalla! While mining for gold in Walhalla is well and truly over you may strike it lucky if you spend some time panning for gold, although it may be wise not to expect to find too much in this old gold-mining town.

The water of Stringers creek going under the fire station in Walhalla
Stringer Creek in Walhalla

At this time you have to bring your own equipment and pick a safe spot but panning for gold would be a great way to have some fun in Walhalla and also free if you already have the pan.

Visit the Post Office

The Post Office is home to a small museum that documents the history of the town in pictures, letters and items from yesteryear.

It is wonderful to be able to put names and dates to some of the most significant times in the area and gain a better understanding of the tumultuous lives of the miners and their families who chased gold.

Buy locally-made crafts and produce

A few of the little local shops in the town centre have handmade craft products and locally made products that you can buy as a souvenir from your visit to Walhalla Victoria. Whether you like homemade jams, candles or ornaments, you will find something gorgeous to take home with you.

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Find the Cricket ground

The joke is that many a ball went missing from this cricket ground, and once you get there, it is easy to see why. After you make your way up there from the car park you’ll come across one of the most unique cricket grounds in Australia.

The Walhalla Cricket Ground is a great oval that is surrounded by thick, dense bushlands, and if you hit a six, you may just be waiting awhile for the ball retrieval.

Top tips for visiting Walhalla

The last point for fuel is Rawson. You should make sure you have enough to get yourself into Walhalla, Victoria, and back out to Rawson. You can also purchase petrol at Tyers.

In the summer, you should tune in to the ABC local radio station to make yourself aware of any issues, especially on days of high fire danger.

In summer, Walhalla can get very busy, and you will find plenty of people camping in the valley. Please drive slowly and be aware of people walking on the main street in the town centre.

If you do plan to camp in the historic gold mining town of Walhalla make sure you are following directions from the rangers or the property owners, especially on total fire ban days. Make sure if you have a fire, you extinguish it with water completely

An old, weathered building in the historic town of Walhalla, Victoria, Australia
One of the many old buildings in Walhalla

As you can see, there are so many wonderful things to do in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia. This top Gippsland destination has kept locals amazed for years and now more people are starting to discover this gorgeous hidden gem.

Whether you decide on a day trip, a weekend getaway or a return visitor who can’t get enough of this historic gold mining town you will find something new every time you visit.

The Walhalla township is one of the most stunning villages in Victoria. Before you leave, did you see the Walhalla Goldfields railway, the artwork on the Walhalla corner store, the band rotunda or have a look in the Walhalla post office? We hope you enjoyed our Walhalla travel guide.

It is one of the top destinations of the regional tourism industry in Victoria and can get very busy in holiday periods.

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