23 of the best things to do in Halls Gap

If you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then consider checking out some of the things to do in Halls Gap, western Victoria. From scenic hikes to relaxing spa treatments, this little town has something for everyone.

Not to mention, the locals are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. So whatever your plans might be, make sure to stop by Halls Gap and get started on seeing rugged mountains, beautiful waterfalls and scenic lookouts.

Rows of grapes at a Vineyard in the Grampians with mountains in the background. The grass around the vines is lush grass with little yellow flowers bloominh through it
There are plenty of wineries at Halls Gap the Grampians

All the best things to do in Halls Gap

The town is the gateway to the Grampians National Park. A visit to Halls Gap will give you the very best access to one of the most stunning National Parks in the world.

What are some other things to do in Halls Gap for your stay in the Grampians? Luckily we have some awesome activities here for you.

Things to do in Halls Gap Grampians – Ebikes

As you enter the town you will see plenty of these e-bikes zipping along the footpaths. The store you hire them from is located on the main street next to the service station. You can hire these battery-powered bikes for either a half-hour or an hour at a time.

They are great for discovering some of the stunning sites around Halls Gap like Lake Bellfield. The distance is around 11 kilometres to the Lake and the hour hire ensures you can get out there and back in time.

Before you set off you get a full safety briefing on how to operate the bike safely. This is such a fun activity to do on your Grampians holiday and one of the best family things to do in Halls Gap.

Mackenzie River Falls

The MacKenzie Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Grampians and the star of the show when it comes to Grampians ‘ things to see.

This waterfall is the only one in the Grampians National Park that flows all year round, so you will find it will have other visitors during your visit. So you can get the best view of the falls you have a number of options on how to view Mackenzie Falls.

A waterfall near Halls Gap is popular for tourists visiting the area. The water is cascading down the rockface and splashing slightly into the pool below. It is surrounded by thick Australian bush
Halls Gap activities include finding waterfalls

There are three ways to get the best views at Mackenzie Falls

  1. The first of the trails is only a short walk from the lookout platform just a few hundred meters from the Mackenzie Falls car park, which gives you a view of the falls from above. This is great if you have little kids or have someone with you who has mobility issues.
  2. There is another path that you can take that gives you views of the waterfalls from the side. It is through the bush and the path is a little bit rough in places but the views of Mackenzie Falls are amazing.
  3. The last and the more adventurous you can take the steep climb to the base of the falls. These would be great as long as you are able to do the walking.

The waterfalls are magnificent from any view with their water spray drifting in the air. Please be aware that you are unable to swim at the bottom of Mackenzie Falls. People have run into difficulties and the area is dangerous.

Things to do at Halls Gap – Grampians Adventure Golf

Most people visit the Grampians for nature but the Grampians Adventure Golf is one of the top Grampians things to do! Grampians Adventure Golf prides itself on being the best mini-golf course in Australia and its setting has to be one of the most stunning in Australia! The Mini-Golf Course is intertwined with the bushland that surrounds it, they seem to live in harmony with each other.

If you want to challenge yourself without a strenuous hike then this is one of the best things to do in Halls Gap! After you play an amazing 18 holes of minigolf head to the cafe for a bite to eat. You will find some amazing fresh food cooked in the cafe with local produce from the area.

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Things to do around Halls Gap – Silverband Falls

If you are visiting Halls Gap with kids or older family members, then a visit to Silverband Falls may be the best waterfalls in the Grampians for you.

Silverband Falls is much smaller than Mackenzie Falls and they are easily reached from a small car park. The 700-meter walk through some amazing Australian bush is on a well-maintained path that crosses a small river.

Once you arrive at the Silverband Falls you will be treated to water cascading down a rock face of the forest gorge. The walk is easy but make sure you take some water with you.

There is shade created by the trees above, but it would be a hot walk in the summer, so make sure you are prepared for things to do in the Grampians. Book a one-day hiking tour in the Grampians today!

The Grampians Halls Gap Zoo

An absolute delight for anyone who visits the Halls Gap Zoo. It is Victoria’s largest regional zoo and features over 160 different animals for you to discover and learn about.

The Zoo features some great enclosures that allow kids and families to get up close and personal with some of the inhabitants.

Some of the animals who call the Halls Gap Zoo home include Giraffes, Buffalo, Monkeys, Snakes, Dingo, Meercat, Wallabies, Crocodiles and more.

A Meerkat looking cheeky at Halls Gap Zoo. He is standing up on his back legs with his little paws hanging in front of him and looking straight at the camera
The Zoo is one of the many Halls Gap attractions

The Halls Gap Zoo offers animal experiences such as feeding the giraffes, holding meerkats and meeting the rhinos. The Zoo features BBQ and picnic areas, toilets and a kid’s playground for visitors to enjoy making it one of the best things to do in the Grampians that doesn’t break the bank.

You also have the option of feeding some of the goats and sheep who wander the feeding area looking to eat all the food you have! Bags can be purchased at the entry.

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Halls Gap activities – The Pinnacles lookout

The Pinnacles is the signature lookout of the Grampian National Park. If you are looking at any tourist information on the Grampians, the Pinnacles are heavily featured in all promotions on the National Park. Why? Because there you get the most stunning and sensational views over the Grampians National Park.

a lady sitting on some rocks at a lookout high in the Grampians National Park. The sun is setting in the background and you can see a mist forming over the tree tops in the distance through the valleys
Lookouts are one of the major Grampians tourist attractions

There are 3 ways to access the Pinnacles Lookout

  1. The easiest way is from the Sundial car park which requires an easy 4.2-kilometre return walk. Keep an eye out for Koalas and Emus on the walk. This is by far the best way to go if you are visiting Halls Gap with kids and you will even get a pram along this path if you need to.
  2. The second route from Wonderland car park takes in the Grampian’s version of the Grand Canyon. It’s not as big as the American version but still a good sight with rock formations.
  3. The third route is only for the fittest and most experienced hikers. You can start from the base of the hill at Halls Gap. You will need at least 5 hours to return to make this bushwalk walk. You must ensure you can do this and have enough water with you for the entire trip.

The view from the Pinnacles will have you looking down on Halls Gap far below you and Lake Bellfield in the distance. All around you will see steep rock faces and escarpments that stick out from the sides of the mountains.

Plus you will get a close-up look at the irregular and fascinating rock formations for which the Grampians are so well-known. The Grampians National Park is known for its amazing lookouts, stunning views and high peaks.

Don’t forget to stop at the Boroka lookout on the way back to town from the Pinnacles, it’s a must for Grampians things to do.

What to do Halls Gap – Wander the picturesque Main Street

One of the easiest things to do during your stay in the Grampians is to wander Main Street. The picturesque town has a number of shops that sell local produce, fresh ice cream and other treats for you to enjoy.

shops in the town centre of Halls Gap. Wandering the main street is one of the best things to do in Halls Gap.
Shopping in Halls Gap

Take flight over the Grampians

While you would take this journey from Stawell, flying over the Grampians would be an unforgettable experience and one of the best things to do in Halls Gap. Seeing the Grampians National Park from the air would give you a unique perspective on just how vast and magnificent the Grampians National Park is.

With over 25 flights to choose from you will find the perfect way to experience the Grampians and Halls Gap from the air.

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Halls Gap things to do – Visit Five Ducks Farm

Are you looking for your jam? Homemade jam is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but the Five Ducks Farm is bringing it back in a massive way. Just near the zoo, you will see a roadside sign for the Five Ducks Farm.

Housed in a little shop beside the family home you can taste test some of the most amazing tasting jams, quince pastes and ice creams in the district. You will find amazing flavoured jams such as Plum and Licorice, blackberry and Shiraz not to mention the classic raspberry jam. The Five Ducks farm is a must when looking for things to do in Halls Gap.

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Brambuk the National Park & Cultural Centre

The Brambuk Cultural Centre, located just on the edge of Halls Gap, showcases the aboriginal heritage in the Grampians area. Experience didgeridoo music, cultural programs or traditional Aboriginal dance.

Whilst visiting the Aboriginal Culture Centre, you will learn about local stories of Aboriginal people which are depicted through the many exhibits. Also, enjoy watching shows and seeing the artefacts and exhibits on display at the cultural centre.

Make some new native friends

You will find that all through Halls Gap, there are native Australian animals, especially kangaroos. These guys are pretty friendly, and you will find most of them very chilled with people being close by, but this does not mean they are happy for you to touch them and do not chase them.

A kangaroo posing for a picture at Halls Gap. The kangaroo is close up and looking right at the camera. There are a few other kangaroos surrounding this one but they are not in focus or that close
You will see plenty of Kangaroos at Halls Gap

If you keep your distance and watch them, you will find they will be more than happy for you to wander around them without disturbing them too much. You can also find echidnas, kookaburras, blue tongue lizards and wallabies.

Grampians Halls Gap walks

Most people who visit Halls Gap plan on doing some hiking. Hiking is a popular activity in the Great Western area, and the Grampians National Park is home to some of the best hikes in Victoria. You need to do some hiking or sort walks to view some of the best spots in the Grampians.

Most hikes to the well-known spots are short and easy, under 2 kilometres, but there are many longer hikes for people wanting to spend entire days and beyond walking the Grampians.

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The Balconies / Reed Lookout

Two spectacular locations for you to discover from one car park. Reed Lookout gives you views, while an easy 2km walk will take you to The Balconies for views of The Victoria Valley and surrounding Western District ranges. These locations are also great for sunrise and sunset experiences in the Grampians.

Lookouts near Halls Gap show views of the National Park. A rock formation is in the right-hand corner of the picture and in the distance, you can see a lake nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. There is also a small clearing right near the lake
Many walks around Halls Gap lead to lookouts

Venus Baths Loop

A leisurely stroll for the whole family starts in the middle of Halls Gap. Follow the 2.3km track and cross over Stony Creek at the small bridge to the Botanic Gardens. They feature a large nest, sculptures, and a boardwalk for everyone to enjoy or to have a well-deserved rest. It also functions as a community garden for the local green thumbs and is wheelchair friendly. This walk is one of the best things to do in Halls Gap for families.

Mount Rosea Loop Walk

This is for bushwalkers who want to spend the full day on the trails in the Grampians National Park. The 12 km return walk is for those wanting to explore an area with fewer visitors.

The varied walking trail includes rock scrambles and manoeuvring through caves and around boulders. The spectacular ‘Gate of the East Wind’ highlights this walk.

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Things to do near Halls Hap – Adventure activities

For those who like to challenge themselves physically and mentally, there is no better place than the amazing landscape of the Grampians. You find a number of thrill-seeking adventures such as Abseiling, Rock Climbing and Canoeing available near Halls Gap.

Be prepared for breathtaking landscapes on the water and an adrenaline-pumping experience as you tackle the rock faces of the Grampians National Park.

Silo Art Trail

The Silo Art Trail near Halls Gap is a must-see. It’s about a 2-hour drive, taking you through picturesque landscapes. The trail features massive, vibrant murals on towering grain silos, showcasing the region’s rural spirit and history.

Each artwork tells a unique story, and you’ll be amazed by the artistic beauty against the backdrop of the Grampians. It’s a fantastic day trip that adds a colourful twist to your Grampian’s adventure!

Play Golf at Halls Gap

Put the golf bag and the spikes in the boot and be ready for a challenging round of golf at the 9-hole Halls Gap golf course. The course at Mt Difficult is approximately four kilometres north and situated at the foot of the Mt Difficult mountain range.

Visit the Grampians wine region

The nine-hole layout is well maintained, and the views and abundance of wildlife make for a memorable experience. Green fee players are welcome and clubs are available for hire on the course

There are some amazing wineries in the Grampians region that are well known for their wines in Victoria. You can sit and taste the wines or pair them with a meal with some fantastic views. Whatever you choose, you will be delighted with a visit to a winery, which is one of the best things to do in Halls Gap.

Pomonal Estate

Located just 10 minutes from Halls Gap, the Pomonal Estate vineyard has stunning views of the Grampians National Park from their restaurant’s seating area.

With gorgeous views, you can sit inside or outside in the sun. There are plenty of wines to taste, as well as cider and craft beer. It’s a great place for families as well, with wide spaces for the kids to play.

Bottles of the Pomonal Estate wines start at $26, and you can find a selection of red and white varieties. Beer and cider are also available and can be purchased as takeaway items. Prices are available when purchasing. For non-drinkers, you will find a variety of coffee and teas.

Fallen Giants

Arriving at a winery and driving through the vines to the cellar door is a stunning way to greet all visitors. The Fallen Giants cellar door is set well back from the road and has more beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Another great family-friendly place is Halls Gap, with a playground for kids on-site. You can easily spend an afternoon amongst the vines here.

Bottles of the Fallen Giants varieties start with the Rose at $25.00 per bottle to the Malbec Limited release at $40.00 per bottle.

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Sunrise or sunset at the Balconies

Early risers will be delighted with an epic sunrise from The Balconies. The gorgeous Australian landscape comes alive as the rays bounce off the rocks and through the National Park bush igniting the stunning landscape.

For people who prefer not to be out of bed that early you can watch the sun go down throwing the last rays at the stunning landscape and watching the sky come alive with the evening colours.

Visit Aboriginal Rock Art Sites

Gariwerd is the Traditional name for the Grampians and being a significant place for the local Aboriginal people the Grampians played a large part in their lives. Being such a sacred area the Grampians feature in many of the Traditional Owners’ stories and some are told in Rock Paintings.

6 sites are open to visitors and you can learn more about them at the Brambuk Cultural Center.

Aboriginal rock paintings on a rock face. The painting is brown in colour with the rock face a light stone. You can see what looks like a turtle and the head of another animal
Aboriginal rock art around Halls Gap

Star Gaze at the Grampians

National Parks are always a place to sit back and reflect on life and there is no better place to do this than under the stars. The Grampians have plenty of places where artificial lights do not reach, giving you the best opportunity to see the night sky. Stargazing is a brilliant activity and one of the best free things in Halls Gap. Grab your telescope and head to the Grampians.

Visit Red Rock Olives

Another fantastic locally owned and grown business, Red Rock Olives, should be on your list of things to do in Halls Gap. With over 5,000 olive trees on the farm, this little farm gate café sells all of its locally made produce on-site and supplies to some local places. Here, you can sample some of their olives and purchase olive oils, vinegar and grazing platters.

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Free things to do in Halls Gap

On the main street of Halls Gap, you will find 2 recreation areas to relax. There is a park with an adventure playground, toilet and BBQs. Included in this area is the public swimming pool which is open in the summer months (There is a small entrance fee).

On the opposite side of the road is a green space that sits alongside the creek that runs through town. This area is very popular with families as the local bakery and the ice cream parlour are located there.

Here you can sit and have a picnic while enjoying the native animals that gather around for scraps. But be careful the lorikeets do love a tasty treat if you leave it long enough!

Restaurants in Halls Gap

Halls Gap has eating options from bakeries, takeaways, pubs, taverns, breweries and restaurants. You can find a fantastic meal on your Grampians holiday at any local place.

Paper Scissors Rock Brewery

Located on the main street of town is the microbrewery Paper Scissors Rock. Paper Scissors Rock serves various foods and trying craft beer is a good thing to do at Halls Gap at night.

If you like simple pub fare, there are plenty of burgers on offer, or for those looking for something more sophisticated, you can order dishes like lamb backstrap and even Asian fusion dishes like pork buns.

The inside of the Paper Scissor Rock brewery in Halls Gap. People are sitting on the long wooden benches enjoying pots of beer and food. It is well lit and looks cozy
Photography of Regional Victoria – Winter 2019

Enjoy one of the fantastic locally brewed craft beers while enjoying your meal if you are unsure which one you think you will like a sample paddle is the best way to get a good knowledge of the beers.

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Flame Brothers

If you crave a good American-style BBQ, then The Flame Brothers are for you! Not only open for dinner, but you can also pop in at lunch to enjoy their hearty offerings cooked in a Texas-style smoker. You can wash your lunch or dinner down with local and imported beers or wines and a coffee.

The Spirit of Punjab

Just on the edge of Halls Gaps is the Indian restaurant The Spirit of Punjab. Serving traditional Indian cuisine, you can either eat on-site or enjoy your dinner back at your Halls Gap accommodation.

There is plenty of seating both inside and out (weather depending) and meals starting for as little as $15 for a main you may find this to be a budget option during your holiday in the Grampians.

You can order all your Indian favourites such as Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Chicken Korma, Samosas, Onion Bahji, Nan Breads and more. They have a good selection of local wines and beers, including one from India.

Accommodation at Halls Gap

Halls Gap is a town that relies heavily on travellers and families going on holiday to the Grampians. You will find many budget accommodations, including backpacker hostels and camping parks. That being said, boutique and hotel accommodations are still available.

If you are looking for affordable family accommodation in Halls Gap we recommend the YHA Grampians Eco Lodge at Halls Gap. This hostel has room types to fit all travel configurations. The hostel has the best kitchen you can find anywhere and comfortable communal areas.

Some of the recommended places to stay in Halls Gap include the Kookaburra Motor LodgeThe Halls Gap Motel, and The Big 4 NRMA Halls Gap holiday park. You can browse a full range of Halls Gap accommodation here with Trivago.

The Halls Gap apartment alternative for your stay in the Grampians

An apartment is another great alternative these days for couples and families who like a more homely feel when travelling. Most apartment properties offer self-catering facilities and laundry. Below you will find a map for apartments in Halls Gap

How to get to Halls Gap from Melbourne

To drive to Halls Gap from Melbourne will take you nearly 3 hours. The roads are in good condition as you follow the Western Highway from Melbourne via Ballarat to Ararat, then turn off to Halls Gap. You might want to stop in Ararat and see the San Chinese Heritage Centre and the Ararat Gail for the criminally insane.

Road sign announcing the distance to Halls Gap. It is one of the official Visit Victoria signs with a waterfall featured on it with the Grampians in large text above it. There are also the kilometres you need to drive to reach it underneath
Melbourne to Halls Gap is an easy drive

You can use public transport from Melbourne to Halls Gap in around 4 hours. Catch a train from Southern Cross Station Melbourne to Stawell and then buses connect with Halls Gap. Alternatively, you could get off at Ararat and catch the regular bus to Halls Gap.

If you want to take the hassle out of getting to the Grampians Halls Gap there are a number of single-day and overnight tours you can book via the Viator website.

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