Grampians YHA – Halls Gap accommodation

Nestled in the beautiful town of Halls Gap is the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge. With the picturesque mountains rising behind it and the wildlife that wanders around the grounds of the hostel, you will find a piece of perfection waiting for you to enjoy.

Best of all, the hostel has the smallest footprint possible on the environment. The Hostel features systems for water conservation, waste minimization and energy reduction. It may be the best accommodation in Halls Gap.

Where is the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge?

You will find the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge at Corner Grampians and Buckler Rd in Halls Gap VIC 3381. Getting to this Grampians National Park accommodation from Melbourne is an easy 3-hour drive down the Western Highway.

YHA Grampains propert from the air
The Grampians Eco Yha building from above

The 254-kilometre drive takes you through some scenic countryside in Western Victoria before arriving at your accommodation in Halls Gap, Victoria.

This YHA hostel is located just as you enter Halls Gap. It is an easy walk of just under one kilometre to the centre of town. There is a walking and biking path located on the opposite side of the road that will take you into town. Watch out for people riding the E-bikes.

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Was check-in easy at the YHA Grampians?

Check-in was very easy at the Halls Gap hostel. We just produced some I.D and filled in a form with our details, the whole process was short and very easy.

The hosts will give you a quick run-through of the rules and facilities. They will happily provide you with information on the best sites to visit in Halls Gap, how to get there and where to eat.

The rooms at the Grampians Eco Hostel

There are so many different room combinations at this Halls Gap accommodation that everyone is covered during their stay in the Grampians. There are rooms for singles and bigger rooms for families. You will find lockers, heaters and fans in your room.

Being a 2 story property, the Yha Grampians hostel has some rooms with a balcony and some rooms with a sliding door that looks out on the attractive courtyard that’s bursting with Australian native flora.

double room at YHA Grampians
double bedroom in Halls Gap
Family room at YHA Grampians
Grampians family room for 4
triple room Yha Grampians
Eco Lodge room for 3

Dorm Rooms at Grampians Eco Yha Halls Gap

The dorm rooms consist of single-sex dorm rooms and mixed-sex dorm rooms.

Rooms for families at the YHA eco-lodge Grampians

The YHA Grampians Eco Lodge has a room configuration for just about any sized family.

  • There are rooms with a double bed and a set of bunks.
  • There is a room with 3 singles
  • There is also a room for 5 people with a bunk that has a double on the bottom, a single on top and 2 single beds.

As you can see any sized family can be catered for at the YHA Grampians Eco Lodge, but if you are unsure about what sort of room would best suit your family, your best bet is to call the hostel directly. Chat with the managers about your family’s needs; they can help guide you on the best option.

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What facilities does this YHA have?

Like all good hostels, the YHA Grampians provide you with a lot of comfort. The kitchen area is the best we have encountered at any hostel worldwide.

The kitchen area was spotless, probably cleaner than many people’s home kitchens. The kitchen is fully stocked with all the pots, pans and utensils you need.

There are 2 ovens, 4 hotplates, 2 microwaves, 2 fridges and plenty of places to store your food. This Grampians accommodation has 2 lounge rooms that are packed with comfortable, well-looked-after couches.

There are wood fires to keep you warm, and one lounge room has a big-screen TV featuring Netflix. It is a great room for families to hang out and relax or connect with other travellers.

The dining room at the Grampians hostel features 4 tables and a full-length bar that runs along the wall for extra seating, looking straight out into the amazing front garden and water feature.

Relaxing at the YHA Grampians Halls Gap
Communal room at Halls Gap YHA

You will find bathrooms on both floors of the building. The bathrooms were extremely well looked after and clean at all times. One big thing that holds families back from staying at hostels is the thought of communal bathrooms.

There is still a misconception that hostels are only for backpackers. These days, hostel facilities such as bathrooms are kept extremely tidy to welcome all different types of travelers and holidaymakers.

Outside, you will find plenty of seating in the shade for warm summer days. You can fire up either of the 2 BBQs to cook a snag or chop for dinner. At night, you will often hear the sounds of frogs in the onsite pond.

The kitchen, Dining area at Halls Gap YHA
Kitchen / Dining area of the hostel

In the office at the Grampian’s accommodation, there was a selection of board games that you could borrow to entertain yourself and keep families occupied. It goes without saying that wifi is available throughout the building.

The wifi was really fast and constant. Wi-fi in all areas of the hostel is something not all hostels provide, with it usually being only available in the communal areas.

Did we have to provide anything ourselves at the YHA?

We always bring our towels with us when we stay in hostels. Often, hostels will have towels that you can hire or buy during your stay. Unlike many hotels, you must provide your own toiletries when staying at a hostel.

We also take a small container from home with us that has some basic snacks and breakfast items in it.

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What essential services are near this Grampians accommodation?

Located next door to the hostel is the local health service and doctors.

A short walk from the Grampians YHA

Down in the middle of Halls Gap, you will find a concentration of local shops, restaurants, tourist information and more accommodation. There is one general store in town selling all your grocery needs. The Ice Cream Parlour and the local bakery are two of the busiest shops in town, usually with lines out the door.

The Paper, Scissors, Rock Brewery, is very popular with visitors who want good food and to try the local beers. The Spirit of Punjab does some superb Indian dishes. There is a large open area with kids’ play equipment, BBQs, toilets and even a swimming pool for the summer months.

While you’re in Western Victoria, head to the coast. Explore Port Fairy and walk to the Historic Lighthouse.

What is special about the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge?

The whole design of this Grampians YHA Hostel is special. The comfort level and cleanliness make it feel more like a highly-rated hotel than a hostel. The condition of the couches, the furniture and the kitchen all look like they are brand new. They look like they have come out of your own house.

The wildlife surrounding the property, the kangaroos, the ducks, and even the sounds of the frogs make it a special experience, especially for kids. The YHA is certainly a high-class Grampians accommodation location.

Our favourite things at the Grampians YHA

Families stay in hostels because they are looking for good value accommodation. For that reason, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of hostel accommodation. To be able to prepare your food allows your trip to be even more cost-effective.

This being said, for us, the kitchen was my favourite part of the hostel accommodation in Halls Gap. It was clean and well-stocked, just what you need for cooking your own meals.

For the kids, they loved having breakfast and watching the chooks wander the yard or the kangaroos hopping about. They also loved watching the big screen TV while waiting for dinner to cook.

Recommendations for things to do when you stay at The YHA Grampians

Most people visit the area for nature in the Grampians National Park. The Grampians waterfalls, hikes in the Grampians and scenic lookouts are all popular activities. The following sites should be on your list of things to do in the Grampians:

  • Silverband Falls
  • The Balconies
  • Boroka Falls
  • Reed Lookout
  • Pinnacle Lookout

I could go on and on with things to see in the Grampians National Park. In and around Halls Gap itself, we can recommend the following family-friendly activities for the whole family

  • The Halls Gap Zoo
  • Halls Gap E-bikes
  • Five Ducks Farm
Enjoying the Halls Gap Ebikes
Having fun on the EBikes in Halls Gap

Any room for improvement at the Grampians Eco Lodge

In today’s world of multiple electronic devices we found that the hostel did not have many power points or charging stations in the communal area.

Do we recommend the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge?

We absolutely do.

Not only are there so many things to do in the Grampians and the Halls Gap area. This Halls Gap Grampians accommodation is perfect for seeing the best of the region, especially for families and groups of any size.

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