Why families should stay in a deluxe cabin at Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes

For many families, staying at tourist parks like Discovery Parks around Australia is a great option. Booking a hotel that accommodates up to 5 people easily is just not in many families’ budgets.

A deluxe family cabin like you will find at Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes is spacious, comfortable, and full of great features to keep the whole family happy, especially kids. 

Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes Cabins

The best thing about the Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes cabins is that they look out onto the waters of the lake. Sitting on the deck at the end of the day or even at the start is a wonderful aspect of being on holiday.

The amazing cabins at Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes shining in the morning sun.
Waterfront cabins at Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes

Large Lounge Area

The open plan lounge, and living room area provide space for the whole family featuring a dining table, large lounge, TV, and kitchen area. The large corner lounge allows plenty of space for the whole family to spread out, no arguments about where everyone is going to sit, and no complaining that I can’t see the TV.

lounge area featuring TV and dining area at deluxe cabins Nagambie Lakes
Kitchen table and TV in your deluxe cabin

The flat-screen TVs have HDMI inputs which means they are great for use with an Amazon fire stick that allows you to access Netflix, YouTube, and more. Wi-Fi may not be available to stream movies, you may have a hotspot off your mobile phone at Nagambie Caravan Park.

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The kitchen in the Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes deluxe cabin area features a microwave, full stove, and washing area. If you bring your own supplies kids can just go to the pantry cupboard and grab a snack, You will not be hearing Mum I am hungry, what is there to eat. If you have fussy eaters you can cook your favourite recipes from home to keep the whole family happy and full.

Kitchen area with stove, fridge, microwave at Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes
The Kitchen in the cabin at Nagambie Lakes Discovery Parks


The deluxe cabin features a dishwasher, which is great for Mum and Dad as they don’t have to do the dishes every meal. The kids can put their own dishes away in the dishwasher. There is nothing worse than having to do chores that make you feel like you are at home.

Air Conditioning

Kids are known to complain about all sorts of things and can get pretty moody and cranky quickly if the weather conditions don’t suit them. The Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes Deluxe Cabins feature air conditioning in the communal area to keep everyone either cool in the summer or warm in the winter

Bedrooms in a deluxe cabin at Discovery Caravan Park Nagambie Lakes

There are 2 double bedrooms, one room has 2 singles and one room has a set of bunks. This is great if your kids need a time out or just want to spend some quiet time reading or having a laydown.

Many family-friendly hotels have up to 4 people sleeping in the same room, not the Deluxe Cabins at Nagambie Lakes Discovery Parks you can all have your own area and privacy.

bedroom featuring 2 single beds in Deluxe cabin
The second bedroom in the cabin
The main bedroom with a queen-sized bed in a cabin at discovery parks
The main bedroom in the cabin

The bedrooms have built-in wardrobes so you can either unpack or just store your bags away. There is nothing worse than having a pile of luggage on the floor during your stay at the Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes.

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Bathrooms in the deluxe cabins

The cabins at the Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes have 2 bathrooms. For the parents, you have your own ensuite featuring a shower, toilet, and basin, while the kids have their own bathroom. This is amazing if everyone is trying to get ready all at once to go out and explore as both bathrooms can be used to shower or have a wash.

Drone view of the Discovery Parks Nagambie Lakes holiday park
Ariel view of Nagambie Lakes caravan park


Your cabin balcony at Nagambie Lakes Discovery Parks or front porch has an outdoor setting seating up to 6 people. This allows even more space for families to dine outside, read, use mobile phones, do jigsaw puzzles, and more. All the separate areas make these cabins feel like home where everyone is close but can find their own space.

Cabins are one of the best options for a family getaway and Discovery Holidays Parks Australia does it better than most with a wide range of cabins available to suit all size families.

There are 7 great Discovery Parks in Victoria for you to stay at in Victoria, offering a wide range of accommodation options. All this I have not even mentioned great facilities like games rooms, onsite cafés (not at all sites) camp kitchens and more that are on offer to people who stay. Discovery Parks have some of the best parks in Victoria to stay at.

Discovery Holiday Parks can offer you a wonderful stay in Victoria, and their cabins are a great way for you to get out and see some of the best regional areas in the state.

As we know many businesses have done it tough over the last few years and having a family holiday where you can afford to spend that extra money in towns that were severely affected is greatly appreciated by them.

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Questions about Nagambie

Where can I swim in Nagambie?

The easiest and best place to swim in Nagambie is at Lake Nagambie and the Nagambie outdoor swimming pool.

Is there fish in Lake Nagambie?

Lake Nagambie has plenty of fish, The fish in Lake Nagambie include Murray Cod, Redfin, rainbow trout, brown trout, carp, and crayfish.

Are dogs allowed at Lake Nagambie?

At Discovery Park’s Lake Nagambie dogs are allowed most of the year except for summer school holidays and selected long weekends throughout the year,

Can you walk around Lake Nagambie?

No, you can not walk around Lake Nagambie. There is no walking path that spans the whole shoreline of the lake. There are sections of walking trails near the Lake, but none that allow you to walk all of Lake Nagambie

Can I BBQ at Lake Nagambie

There are a number of BBQs in the caravan park and scattered around the lake. You can pick up some BBQ meat in town and some Kansas City BBQ sauce.

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