2 epic silo artwork Victoria trails you need to see

From grey nomads to young children there is something about the grandeur of the silo artwork Victoria Trail that gets everyone’s heart beating. These amazing murals have created the biggest outdoor art gallery in the southern hemisphere where people of all ages admire the sheer magnificence in front of them. The artists and their murals have bought life back to some of the smallest regional towns in Victoria and given them a new lease on life.

Silo artwork in Victoria and its importance

The Victorian silo art trail is popular for many reasons. Some regional Victorian towns were struggling, residents were leaving in droves and towns were reduced to only a few residents. These massive works of silo art bought people back to them, travellers that were making their way across our great nation would seek them out to see what had been painted and by who.

Favourite artists made finding their works a bit of a game to some of the travellers too but finding them made the journey worth it. Everyone wants a silo artwork Victoria Adventure!

Now many other painted silos in Victoria are popping up. Regional towns are wanting people to paint their old silos to bring people to the regional Victorian towns.

With more families travelling Australia and grey nomads on the road travelling in caravans, these free works of art are a great way to see more of the country as they follow the road to more Victorian silo art locations and even one’s interstate.

International travellers to Victoria are also getting out and about for road trips in Victoria to see this magnificent work.

2 of the very best silo artwork trails in Victoria

There are 3 distinct silo art trails in Victoria, but in this post, we are focusing on the 2 silo artwork Victoria trail in the North of the state, The North East Silo art trail and the Echuca Moama Silo Trail. We have personally visited these 2 silo art trails and found them to be easy to visit and drive to.

Painted silos in Victoria (North East)

While there is a couple of distinct silo art in Victoria trails, in this post, we will be focusing on the North Eats Silo Art Trail. This silo artwork trail typically starts in Benalla, which is an excellent place for you to base yourself if you plan on spending a few days tracking down the silo artwork Victoria has on offer.

These silo art installations are of gigantic size, and they are all stunning. If you want to see the best silo artwork Victoria has to offer, then the North East Silo Art trail is a great place to start your painted silos in Victoria’s adventure.


While not technically a silo art trail, the Benalla street art is a great way to start your silo artwork Victoria trip. Benalla is a great base with many good accommodations options.


Goorambat silo art is on an epic scale. Not only is this tiny town blessed with one painted silo artwork it has three! The first was designed and painted by Jimmy Dvate in 2019. The first was a Barking Owl (also an endangered species) called Milli who calls the Healesville Sanctuary home.

Clydesdale horses painted on a grain silo at Goorambat
Clydesdale Horses pulling carts of wheat

After the completion of the Barking Owl mural, Jimmy added to it by painting the second silo artwork in Goorambat right beside the first. This features the habitat that the Barking Owl needs to survive and thrive in the wild.

It was a very popular addition to the first mural. Both of these silo artworks are easy to see with a viewing area right in front of them so photography of the full silo art is not a problem.

The third addition to the Goorambat silo art is the Clydesdale Horse, again by the wonderful Jimmy Dvate. Sam, Clem and Banjo are bought back to life with this mural depicting how important the Clydesdale Horse was to the rural farming industries before modern vehicles.

They are set back from the road but there is a viewing area. A slight zoom may be your best way to capture the horses in the mural.

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A few extra surprises to discover in Goorambat

If you have time when you are looking at the Goorambat silo art take the time to visit the Uniting Church. There is a mural at the back of the Church called Sophia, the female representation of God painted by Matt Adnate. While you can view the mural inside the church when it is open (usually during daylight hours) during Church services is not the best time.

The Big Shed will also give you another mural to add to your list of Silo Art in Goorambat. Here you will find another Jimmy Dvate mural painted during restrictions in 2021. The Nankeen Kestrel is painted on the front of the large shed. There is ample parking for you to stop and take pictures of the Kestrel.

Goorambat silo art trail tip:

There are toilets at Goorambat but they are heavily used by many visitors throughout the day. We recommend you make sure you have some toilet paper or tissues with you when you visit them especially later in the day and in the ladies toilets.

Gorrambat silo art in Northern Victoria
There are 3 amazing Solo Artworks at Goorambat


This has to be one of the most famous Victorian Silo artworks and is actually two silo artworks on the site. The massive Devenish silo art was designed and painted by the Melbourne street artist Cam Scale in 2018.

The two larger silos are of two nurses, one a modern-day medic and one a nurse from WWI. They show the importance of women in the military and the changing roles women have had in today’s society.

The second is directly beside the two women and is a Light Horseman with his steed also painted by Cam Scale in 2019. This is to honour the Australia Light Horse. All of the silo art in Devenish was unveiled on ANZAC Day in 2018 and 2019 and at the site, you will also find a tribute to the young men and women who served Devenish in the World Wars.

It is better to visit the Devenish silo art in the afternoon to get the light on the silo and to avoid shadows. This silo artwork Victoria location is on the main street in Devenish so during busy periods you may find parking difficult. Also please go slowly through the town as people need to stand back (and some are known to stand in the middle of the street) to get all of the silos in the frame.

Devenish silo art trail tip

If you need to use the toilet you can so at the pub but please make a purchase before you ask. If you are unable to purchase anything there are toilets to the left of the silo art work in Devenish.

Silo art in Devenish with a soldier and nurse
A lovely tribute at Devenish to our war heroes

St James

One of the most classic silo artworks Victoria has to offer and one that was designed and painted by a local artist Tim Bowell. There are 4 silos on-site at the St James silo site. The first two were started in 2018 with the second two starting in 2019.

The murals depict the Coles Family who are locals of the area, the importance of the wheat industry that was farmed in the region and the shearers that kept the wool industry thriving.

Did you realise that this tiny town with huge silo artwork was the place the very first Coles store was opened? Not only was it the site of the first Coles store it was also the last stop in the area for the train so here was where most of the produce was picked up and dropped off.

St James Silo art
St James artwork with industry pioneers of the North East

St James silo art trail tip

The silos in St James are set back from the road slightly. In busy times the road into town can get busy with people walking to the site from the parking area.


One absolutely not to be missed and one of the first silo artworks Victoria has that is designed and painted by a woman artist, Sobrane Simcock. In 2018 work started on the concrete and steel silo murals.

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Echuca Moama silo artwork Victoria trail

A little-known silo artwork Victoria Trail is easily accessed from Echuca. If you are looking for a brilliant getaway along the Murray River you can also incorporate an easy silo artwork trail into your trip to Echuca. You can start your day in Rochester to see the silo artwork there.

Rochester silo mural

This amazing silo was painted by the artist Jimmy Dvate and was one of the first GrainCorp Silos painted in the Echuca area. It was completed in 2018 and features two threatened local species of wildlife the Azure Kingfisher and the Wrist-winged Squirrel glider.

You will find the Rochester Silo at 18 Ramsay Street and there is parking for both cars and caravans off to the side of the silo. There is a grassed area at the front where you can sit and have a rest and you will also find the Rochester Silo Art lit up at night which gives it a very different view.

Rochester silo art with native australian animals
Rochester Silo Art on the main road to Echuca

Colbinabbin Silo artwork

This stunning silo mural is something you have to see to believe. The sheer size of it and the vivid colours within the scenes will amaze you. Located on Station Street, Colbinabbin you cannot miss the 6 silo murals depicting the town’s history.

Painted by Tim Bowtell in 2020 there is a large compacted sand area in the front of the mural. If you want good pictures of the mural, it is better to visit earlier in the day to avoid the shadows in the afternoon. A tripod will also help you get a good picture that includes all of the silo artwork in one shot.

6 silos painted with transport pictures in Colbinabbin North East Victoria Silo art
Colbinabbin is the most popular stop on the Echuca Moama trail

Kyabram water tank artwork

The newest addition to the Echuca Moama Silo Art Trail is the Kyabram Water Tank owned by Goulburn Water and the artist was Jimmy Dvate in 2021. This water tank artwork is a little more complicated to get to than most of the silos on the Victorian Silo art trail. As it is owned by Goulburn Water, it is in a section where you can see it from the road, but it is behind a fence.

Located on the corner of Union and Drum Street in Kyabram, it features local wildlife that calls the Kyabram Fauna Park home. Getting a clear picture and the mural in its entirety may be difficult.

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Tongala street art

While Tongala does not have a silo artwork installation, the town has an incredible 40 and even maybe more street art murals dotted around the town. You can park your car out the front of the small IGA in the main street to see the main ones and wander from there.

You can spend as little as 10 minutes to over an hour wandering and driving around the small town searching for street art.

Street art in Tongala with trains, buses and boats
One of the many artworks in Tongala

Picola silo artwork

Another amazing mural by artist Jimmy Dvate was completed in 2020. This one is in the tiny town of Picola at 25 Moran Street. The amazing and small details put into this one are stunning and the white gum flower is so detailed. This silo artwork in Victoria is based on wildlife and flora that are in the Barmah National Park.

While this silo is still in use and located on private land there is a good amount of space in front of it for you to see the silo mural easily. Visiting the silo mural in the afternoon will give off a shine so it may be better to visit in the morning.

Picola silo art in outback New South Wales
Picola displays images of the wildlife around the Murray River

Places to stay when on the silo artwork Victoria trail

There are so many wonderful towns to visit in Victoria that will allow you wonderful and very easy access to the Victorian silo art trail. Where you stay in Victoria to see the silo mural in regional areas will always depend on your budget, how many people you have in the group and what your specific needs are.

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For travellers with a caravan on the Victorian silo art trail

For many travellers in Australia having a caravan is a great way to see the country and journey on the Victorian Silo Art Trail. There are plenty of caravan parks for you to consider on your silo artwork in the Victoria holiday. Glenrowan, Benalla, Wangaratta and Brocken Creek camp parks offer sites and cabins for those looking to stay in the area.

For people needing hotel accommodation for the silo artwork Victoria trail

For many wanting to see the painted silos in Victoria hitching up the caravan is just not possible. Having a great place to lay your head after a huge day on the silo artwork Victoria trail is extremely important. You may find it hard to find accommodation options in these tiny towns your best option for a hotel is in Benalla, Wangaratta or Shepparton.

Free accommodation for silo art in Victoria

For some long-term travellers or for full-time travellers in Australia free camping in Victoria is the only way they are able to see this great country of ours. Katamatite Lions Memorial Park which is situated on the Benalla-Tocumwal Road is a small free camping site. It has some bbq and a picnic table but no toilets or power, so come prepared.

We hope you have found this post from us here are Explore Victoria helpful in planning your Silo artwork Victoria adventure. There are so many wonderful and beautiful towns in Victoria that are breathing new life thanks to the silo art in Victoria.

These amazing painted silos in Victoria are an absolute asset to our great state. So where are you starting your silo artwork Victoria holiday?

We hope this article from us here at Explore Victoria has inspired you to embark on your adventure in Victoria, Australia, from popular caravan parks and pristine beaches to drives along the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy weekends away on the Mornington Peninsula and discover the cosmopolitan charm of Melbourne, Victoria, with a range of experiences for every traveller who wants to visit Victoria.

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Even if you love exploring Gippsland or driving the Great Alpine Road, Victoria has something special for you, and there is so much more for you to discover. If you are looking for more incredible and best places to visit in Melbourne or more travel in Victoria destinations, Explore Victoria has some more articles below for you to check out. Expand your horizons and get out and about in Victoria, Australia, for an unforgettable experience. 

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